Friday, August 27, 2010

The Happenings of one Summer

This summer has brought about LOTS of changes and happenings. To start out this memorable summer I moved home to the beautiful Santa Barbara, CA to work and be with my family before I got married. David and I were married in the Redlands LDS Temlpe for all time and eternity on June 18, 2010.
After the ceremony there was not only one but TWO parties.
And of course there was TONS of family and LOTS of dancing and food.

After we were married the whirlwind of summer began. Two months from that day I would be moving across the country to Boston so that David could attend Tufts Dental School. But before that could happen we made sure we had tons of fun before hand. Every weekend somewhere different. From Redlands to Visalia to New Port, Thatcher and Mesa, Az and to Bass Lake and Santa Barbara. After my last day of work we headed to two weeks of family vacation a week in the New Port Coast Villas and then a week in the amazing Bass Lake, California.

Ruby's in New Port with the Paxman's.

Triathalon at Bass Lake. Bekah, Veda, and I were on a team.

David taking Evan and Jack for a ride.

Cuzies getting ice cream at the Pines. Thanks Uncle Lindsey.

After two whole weeks of non stop family fun and adventures you would think it was time for a rest. Well not for us. Jarom and Tara's wedding was the very next weekend! It was beautiful and I am so happy that Jarom found Tara. She i wonderful and amazing and I'm so glad she is my new sister. The Mann family has gained a great friend.

Isn't she a beautiful bride?

The new Mann Family.

The boys at the dance/pool party/ reception.

It's been a crazy summer, but a great one. I loved every moment of it. If there is one thing i have gained from this summer it's that i have an AMAZING family. And that goes for my new family (the Paxmans) as well. I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my life and I love every one of them. To most of you reading this blog you were looking forward to seeing pictures of Boston and you will soon, the place is almost done. Just waiting for the final touches.

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