Saturday, September 27, 2014


Now I'm not even sure where to begin with this post. All I know is that I have felt this impression for the past few years to post about my life, not just the good things or funny things, but the bad, hard and frustrating things as well. I'm not sure if this is for me or someone else ( though I'm not really expecting anyone to read this). So why and I writing this? Im making a promise to you and myself that anything I post will be 100% true and honest. To show proof I've added a few pictures. Now most bloggers will post the best pictures of their lives and of themselves. I mean who wouldn't? Best foot face forward right? 

So just to show how REAL I can be here are some awesome photos of me: the good the bad and the ugly
Of course one of me at my best (I look super cute right?) 
And one at my not so best ( don't worry I've looked worse I just couldn't find any photos where I intentionally wanted a photo taken of me in my hideous state).
And just had to add this wonderful snapshot from this summer that my wonderful husband thought would be hilarious to capture. 

   The whole point to this to show that even in this world of putting our lives on the computer  BEST version of our lives on the computer for everyone to see, there are still NORMAL and REAL people, families and women out there. I have read and seen too many blogs and pictures and what perfect lives look like and I come away feeling more empty than happy. Not to say that the object of is to make me feel less superior, but that I was found wanting and feeling that my life was not as glamorous  as my computer screen was showing me. (SIDE NOTE: I LOVE that when other post awesome things in their life and I am in no way trying to be negative or a poor sport when others lives are going great) All I'm doing is showing that their are two sides to every coin through my own life; and that is my kind of PERFECT. Now some more pictures:
These are my boys. And what they look like on a daily basis; pajamas or just diaper all day long.  Every once in a while I will get them dressed. :) They can also be VERY crabby and whiney but they show me how adorable they can be every so often. ( also note the blurry and crying baby)
This is my house normally. Things and toys EVERYWHERE.  I try to keep it organized, but does any one just hate cleaning up toys everyday? I do. I've tired the "only one toy at a time thing," but its just exhausting arguing with my 3 year old to pick up everything. The next time it gets cleaned I'll take a picture and show you what the floor looks like.

SO... wether you like this or don't like this, I will try not to care if you don't, but I'm being honest and it will probably hurt me even though Im trying to be more thick skinned and think who cares and the heck with ya! So this is me the REAL me. And stay tuned for some more REAL life to come.

trying smiling for one minute straight and when its over life will be better.
the world always looks better from behind a smile.


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