30 before 30

My bucket list of things I want to accomplish before I'm 30. I saw this on my cousins blog a few years ago (SHOUT OUT to Heather Mann you are awesome! And I aspire to be as cool as you one day) and thought it was an awesome idea so I started my list. Took me a while to think of 30 things but I did it, even if I don't accomplish them all I think its good to have goals. I once heard that those who have goals/dreams throughout their life, no matter what kind, live longer, happier lives. They don't have to hit everyone, but just having them makes you happier. I believe it and it feels great to cross something off you list so this is mine, maybe you should make your own. (in no particular order)

#1. Go to another country (I'd even count Mexico or Canada; just to cross the border)
#2. Read the Book Of Mormon at least 7 times (2 down 5 to go)
#3. Make a wedding cake - finished! 2/12 for my beautiful friend Sarah Cluff. And it was delicious if I might add
#4. Finish School ( in something) as long as I get a degree I'll be happy
#5. Have at least 3 kids (#1 May 10, 2011 and #2 due Sept. 15!!!)
#6. Learn to play an instrument (have to play at least 2 songs)
#7. Plant a garden
#8. Run a Marathon (lets be honest that's not gonna happen) TRIATHLON! Finished the Dam Tri 7/14/12
#9. Learn how to change a tire on a car. ( Yup I have no idea how)
#10. Learn to cut hair
#11. Own a home
#12. Go to Hawaii 
#13. Learn to make something and sell it- I did it!! Sold a cute little bowtie onesies and now I also added suspenders. I sold all I made at a little craft fair and I didn't think any would sell. I was blown away. You never know what could happen if you don't TRY!! 7/14/13
Sorry its upside-down 
#14. Take voice/music lessons and sing in church again. Used to do it all the time, but my voice/confidence isn't what it used to be.
#15. Build up food Storage
#16. Go to a Country Concert! My sweet husband gave me a great Christmas present last year and we went to a Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Concert last August! So fun, but Tim's pants were a little too tight. I laughed. 8/24/12
#17. Have a SPA DAY! I want one so bad! Massage, Facial. Mani/Pedi, the works. 
#18. Read all the Standard Works (Book Of Mormon down and the rest to go).
#19. Finish the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes ( 3 out of 4or 5 classes).
#20. Ride an ELEPHANT! Wouldn't that be the coolest?
#21. Ride in first class. (preferably on an airplane headed to Europe. I hate flying so its the only way I can think that it would make travel better/bearable)
#22. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon 
#23. Grow out hair long enough to give to 'locks of love' (not sure if it will really happen cuz I like my hair blonde too much, and my hair is not as blonde as it once was in my youth) -they don't ake bleached hair :(
#24. Visit all 50 U.S. States (23/50- almost half way!)
#25. Learn to ride a unicycle
#26. Learn the Howdown Throwdown- Ya the Miley Cyrus dance :)
#27. Start a blog and keep it up for at least 6 months ( Started last month lets see if I can do it!!!)- I'm really bad at being consistent with anything.
#28. Be flexible enough to do the splits( gotta kick up the yoga! inspiration from my Aunt Karen who is in her 50s and is an avid yoga guru and can do the splits.
#29. Take a dance class 
#30. Get lasik eye surgery

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