Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boston: Our new Home

David was accepted into Tufts Dental School and so we headed out to Boston, Massachusetts. Which is now our new home. We live a couple of miles out of the city, but a couple of miles means at least a half hour drive. Driving is crazy here! Anyway we packed up our stuff and a week later it showed up in our new home.

All of our stuff had to be packed up and shipped off in this truck

The driver was really nice and tetrised everything in.

So while we waited for our things to arrive we survived on cereal and chips and salsa. When our things did arrive the apartment looked like this for a while. A little crazy of a mess, but we got it sorted out. Just took about a month and we're still working on it. But to everyone you want to see this is the final product of our humble little home. David and I are loving it here.