What this blog is all about

Pretty much my life my views and Ill give it to you straight every time and all the time. I think more women need to be real on their blogs. So this is for anyone who is not the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the incredible crafter, the magnificent saver/barginer, but for the woman who is just trying to get by. The real woman, the good, the bad, the pretty times and the quite frankly ugly times. I know that I wont have many people love what I write, but I can just help one person not feel alone then I'd call it a success. Too many blogs leave me feeling crappy, helpless, and a little too imperfect, so my hope is that when you read any of my posts you feel happy and realize normal people like you do exist, even though many people try to hide it. I'll be the first to admit I'm usually one of them and pretend like everything is great when its not, but I'm trying something new and I hope you like it.

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